Monday, February 21, 2011

new adventures

(Brought to you LIVE! from Starbucks in Raleigh!)

This past weekend we got to go explore the downtown area of Raleigh.

I have some cousins that live about an hour from where we do and we all decided to meet downtown and check out a restuarant called "The Pit".

I didn't know it at the time, but after doing some research about "The Pit", I found out that it has been featured on the TV shows Man Vs. Food and Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

I was pumped to get to get to a restuarant with such fame!

When we turned down the street to the restaurant this is what we saw....

I think people like to eat here, what do you think?

The wait wasn't too long at all....and it was well worth it.

I forgot to take pictures of our actual meal, but I didn't forget when we ordered dessert.  Cousin Tim insisted upon ordering dessert, and well we ended up getting three.  Oooopppsss.

Here is our dessert:
We had---Warm Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream, Carrot Cake with Candied pecans and Molasses Cream Cheese Frosting, and lastly...Banana Pudding (warm pudding with marshmallow fluff and meringue.)

They were all delicious!  I approve of each and every one of them, but my favorite was probably the Carrot Cake.  It was awesome!!!

Thank you Tim and Susan for our Welcome to North Carolina meal!  We loved it!

After lunch, we rode around downtown Raleigh for a bit.

Here is a beautiful park down town:

Another park with a really big acorn.

Downtown streets....

 and the State Capital
Next time, we plan on eating somewhere downtown.  It was super cute!

It's 76 degrees here today. 

I think we are liking this place more and more every day!  :)

But we sure do miss our family...not going to lie about that! 

Enjoy this beautiful Monday!

Love, The Preacher's Wife

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