Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I LOVE pancakes....they are quite delish!

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I don't make pancakes though. 

I make panloafs.

Please see picture below:
(sorry it's sideways...I am experiencing technical difficuties today.)

You see, I think small, silver dollar pancakes are dainty and annoying to make.  You have to eat 10 of them to feel like you have eaten a real pancake.  That's why I make panloafs.  A panloaf is one humongous pancake the size of your plate.  The name was inspired by my sister and I when we made pancakes in her new apartment one night.  We made pancakes that were the size of Texas and decided that it was just no ordinary pancake.  It was something bigger and better...it was a panloaf!

 The thing about panloafs is that you don't have to eat 10 pancakes or go back for seconds.  One panloaf is enough for one or even two people.

  Sometimes it even takes two spatualas to flip them...but if I'm having a really good flipping day, I can do it with just one.

  One of my favorite parts about my panloafs is what you can put in them.  I'm not one to just eat plain panloafs.  I like some substance to them.
Here are some of the things that I have put in my panloafs:

Chocolate chips
Cooked apples and cinnamon

That is all I have tried so far.  One day I hope to make the list longer.

Another thing about panloafs...I like them thick.  I don't like paper thin pancakes/loafs.
If you make them thick...you really get into the whole cake and loaf texture thing which  makes them quite dreamy and fluffy and just plain wonderful.

This is a picture of my chocolate chip panloaf from this morning.  The thicker the better.  Mmmmmmm!

I hope that you will try my panloaf idea.  It is quite fun to make and scrumptious to eat.

And maybe one day, we can add the word panloaf to the dictionary. :)

Happy Panloaf eating everyone and Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom! :)

Love, The Preacher's Wife