Monday, February 7, 2011

a little piece of home

I was excited we were moving to North Carolina.
Maybe I was a tiny, tish-bit, okay maybe really sad about not living close to our family, but this was going to be a new adventure, right?!
A new adventure it has been.
We are here.
We like it a lot.  :)
Missing family isn’t so bad because of Skype (thank you Dad for thinking of that), but air hugs just aren’t the same as the real ones. :(
And I would still probably give my left kidney to live closer to them right now, but it's just a "season"....I get it.
North Carolina is real pretty…almost prettier than Tennessee.
BUT….they don’t have Mayfield’s products!
That’s right.  No yellow refrigerated/frozen dairy products!  L
I was very disappointed at first…I mean REALLY disappointed.  Mayfield’s is more than just my favorite milk and ice cream to me.  It’s a little piece of home and maybe a little bit of heaven too.  It’s what I grew up drinking and eating.  It reminds me of home.  It's the most awesome dreamy ice cream, silky smooth milk, the best French Onion dip, buttermilk, chocolate milk, tea...I could go on and on.  I was even the Mayfield's Moose one time for a big Food Show I got to attend with Mayfield's.  For crying out loud, the manufacturing plant was close to my house!
You wouldn’t believe the surprise I found this week while walking through the grocery store….

That’s right!!!!  I finally found it!!  Mayfield’s Ice Cream in North Carolina.  I was beyond ecstatic. 
Unfortunately they didn’t have any milk.  I can deal with that for now.
I’m just happy to look in my freezer now and see what’s in there:

Just reminds me of a little piece of home…and it’s so tasty too!  J
Happy Monday!
Love, The Preacher’s Wife

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  1. This is my biggest complaint about NC- no Mayfields milk. :(