Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture Wednesday

Not much is happening on the home front today.

Just doing laundry, cleaning, you know, the usual boring stuff.

I thought it would be fun to post some random pictures from my memory card on my camera today.

So that's what I did.

When I click on the Pictures tab on my computer it never shows the actual picture.  It just shows a big long list of pictures as files.

So I thought it would be a fun game to play..."let's pick five random pictures for my blog today!"

Here they are:

Random Picture #1:
This is a church wedding shower back in Tennessee.  In the picture are my Mom, Preacher Man, Me, and Jennifer (P.M.'s sister).  What a fun day!

Random picture #2:
 This is me and one of my dearest friends, Jessica.  This was taken on the night of mine and Preacher Man's Rehearsal Dinner.  We had a Mexican Fiesta and it was soooooo yummy!  I just love our jalapeno leis we are wearing!

Random Picture #3
This is me sometime this past October.  P.M. and I carved a pumpkin with our initials in it, and obviously, I'm modelling the "H"!

Random Picture #4
 This is the day after we moved to North Carolina.  This is P.M. posing at the college with his buddies--Chad, Paul, (hubby), and Colby.  I think they all look a bit tired.  We never could have done the move without them.  Well we could have, but it sure would have taken us a real long time.  Our truck was unloaded in no time because of these guys!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you again!  And come to NC soon, I'll cook you more cinnamon rolls and sausage balls!  :)

Random Picture #5
Now this picture is extremely random.  I'm honestly not sure what it is.  Obviously it's a street sign of some sort, but I'm not sure what it is.  My guess is that this picture was taken the night P.M. and I drove to visit North Carolina to visit the Seminary.  The sign probably has something "Duke" on it since Duke is my FAVORITE basketball team.

Hope you enjoyed my Random Picture Wednesday.  I thought it was a lot of fun.  I'll do it again sometime soon!

Love, The Preacher's Wife

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