Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My Nana is one of the most hilarious people that I know.

I mean stinkin' hilarious!

There is never a dull moment when Nana is around.

Yesterday I got an email from Nana.

Her email's are the BEST!

She is always so sweet, encouraging, loving and always telling me that she is praying for me.

And boy, are they funny, too!

I'm a firm believer that God places people in your life at just the right times to say or do things that you need to hear.

Nana's email was just that yesterday.

So full of encouragement, prayers, and wise council.

AND...the funniest thing about her dog, McClellan Honey-bee...but we all call her Clellie for short.  :)

This is what it said:

"Clellie thinks she is learning to talk!  When she screws up her mouth and puts her head back and says " Rye Roov Roo" (I love you) she gets a cracker.  IT WORKS EVERY TIME!"

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more.  She cracks me up.

There was also some other good stuff in the email, too....but this was just too good not to share.  :)

So this post is for you, Nana!

Thank you for all of your wonderful emails and Skype dates.  You make me laugh and feel great every time I get your emails.

I love you more than you know and you mean the world to me!  :)

Now it's time to go save some lives at the pool!  (Hahahaha...Nana got it in her head that I was a lifeguard for a few summers in high school.  She swore up and down and told me that I was a liar.  I was never a lifeguard.  She will never live this comment down.  It's just too funny!)  Love you Nana!

Happy Wednesday!

Love, The Preacher's Wife

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